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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to start taking lessons ?

A valid licence…in most cases that will be a UK provisional licence (old or new style) or an International licence, or in some circumstances a foreign licence which entitles the holder to 12 months permitted driving in the UK. More information regarding licences can be found by looking at the DVLA official website.

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Do I have to pass my Theory Test before I have a lesson ?

Absolutely not. We recommend you look to study for your Theory test asap but it is not essential for your practical driving lessons. You will need to have passed the Theory test before you can book your Practical driving test however. (To be eligible for one of our “Intensive Courses” you will also have had to have passed your Theory Test otherwise we cannot book your Driving Test to coincide with the course.)

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How do I book a driving lesson ?

You can use our online booking system to organise a "trial" lesson with us. Simply choose your location by entering your postcode then select the number of hours to start with. You can state a preferred date and time for your first lesson too. Once you have paid with a debit or credit card we receive your booking details. We then allocate the most suitable local instructor to you and they will contact you personally to confirm your first lesson time. After that you organise all future lesson times with your instructor directly and just log back onto this site to pay for those lessons. Telephone bookings can also be made. As with the online bookings you will confirm the first lesson time directly with the local instructor. Our booking staff do not have the instructors diaries in the office.

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Can I take lessons in the evening or at the weekend ?

Yes, we recognise that some peoples lifestyles and work commitments dictate their availability for driving lessons. Please consider however that the demand for evening and weekend time-slots is huge and so if you can make yourself available between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday you stand a much greater chance of progressing quickly.
Why not consider lessons in your lunch hour ? Or can you start later one day of the week ?

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How long will it take to pass my test ?

As a general rule you should allow 40-45 hours of professional driving tuition PLUS private practice time. Of course this can vary greatly from person to person.

The simple rule is that the more lessons you take closer together (e.g 4/6 hours a week) the greater your chances of getting your license quickly. We find that if someone takes 4 hours a week they average 35 to 40 hours, where as someone who takes 1 hour a week takes over 50 hours on average.

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I have taken driving lessons in the past, will I have to start from the beginning again ?

Certainly not. Our "Trial lessons" are all about our instructor assessing you and your needs as well as you finding out about your instructor. The first thing our instructor will do is discuss with you what you have practiced before and what you can remember. They will then pitch the lessons accordingly to your needs. We don't believe in wasting anyone's time !

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Can I choose how long my lessons are ?

Yes that's fine. We offer lessons in 1 hour , 1.5 hour and 2 hour periods as a general rule. It is possible to book out your instructor for longer periods, especially leading up to your driving test.

The only thing we would ask you to consider is the length of time it may take to pass your test if you are taking 1 hour lessons. For that reason we always recommend 2 hour lessons.

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How should I pay for my lessons ?

We always recommend that pupils use our secure "online" booking system. You are given an automated receipt and you are safe in the knowledge that your payment is held securely.

If you wish to pay for your lessons by cash please do not pay your instructor for any more than the lesson you are having. Our instructors really do not like to be forced into carrying large sums of cash around all day.

We do not accept cheques for payment of lessons unless it is a company cheque sent directly to our head office in respect of an invoice we have issued. This kind of arrangement must be agreed with our office manager beforehand too as the payment will need to include VAT.

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I have seen another driving school offering a "guaranteed pass" - is this right ?

There is NO such thing. The Driving Test in the UK is carried out by the Driving Standards Agency. It doesn't matter if you have taken a 1 hour course or 101 hour course before your will be judged on how you perform on the day and will pass or fail according to the view of the driving examiner.

Anyone offering a guaranteed pass is misleading the general public. What they could be offering is the chance to continue training and taking tests at no extra cost. This being the case they are likely to ensure they cover their costs from the outset. Usually a course of this kind would cost in excess of £2000 which is equal to around 100 normal lessons !

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Can I be picked up from Work or College ?

Yes , within reason. If you wish to picked up from somewhere different on occasion you will need to check with your instructor first. If you are not going to be dropped of at the same place you will also need to discuss this with your instructor.

If you would like to ask us about a particular location(s) before you start please complete our "enquiry form" on the "contact us" page.

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Why do some driving schools offer really cheap lessons ?

Its all about their "marketing" or "pricing strategy". It can also be simply about quality.
99% of Driving Instructors in the UK are self-employed - even when they appear to "work" for a driving school. In this case they are "franchised" to that school. This means that for every lesson they provide they have an income (what you pay them) and a cost (franchise fee or own car expenses and fuel). The average cost per lesson for your instructor is around £12. So if you have paid them £22.50 this means they have a profit (before tax) of £10.50. Just about a decent wage ?
So, if you see a driving instructor or school offering their standard lessons for less than £20 you can see that those lessons are not going to provide a living wage profit to that instructor.

Why do they offer these prices then ?
Don't be fooled, you will end up paying a hefty price some how. "Cheap Lessons" often mean not much driving and a lot of talking, or your training may be "stretched" into more hours than is actually needed.
Remember the saying "If it looks too good to be usually means it is".

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Do you help me with my Theory Test

We can help you that's fine. But its mostly common sense stuff and its better for you to get a book / dvd / cd-rom and practice at home. If you were to spend a long time during your lessons covering Theory questions its not very good value for money.

Our instructors welcome specific questions or general areas where you may be having difficulty and they will point you in the right direction so that you understand the answers too.

On this subject, be careful of the driving instructor who advertises "free help with your theory" is it free if they are spending lots of time during your lessons reading the highway code ??!!

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How Old Must I be to Start Driving Lessons ?

You can start taking driving lessons on your 17th Birthday (as long as you have your Provisional Driving Licence). Contrary to many rumours the starting age has not increased to 18 and there are no current plans for this to change.

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When Will I Take My Driving Test ?

The simple answer is "when you are ready". But it isn't quite as simple as that - Driving Tests really have to be booked 8, 10 even 12 weeks in advance. So there needs to a plan. Its no good leaving all your training until just before your test, but its not beneficial to overload you too early either. We use our very own "Drivers Record Cards" to map your progress. That way everyone involved in your learning process (instructor / you / mum /dad etc) can see just how things are going and what still needs to be achieved in order to be ready on test day.

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Do I Get Report Sheet or Progress Update As I Learn ?

Yes, and you will also receive feedback on your progress at the start and end of each lesson. This is recorded in our "Pupil Record Cards" which you will either receive directly from our office or from your local instructor on you first lesson. They are a great way for you to see how you are progressing and probably more importantly you can show friends and relatives too.

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